What About Us

What About Us” is a live stage experience performed by an orchestra, musicians, choir, singers and dancers made up of talented young people whose countries have been affected by war, discrimination, terror and perhaps forced to leave their home and may still be living in refugee camps.

The protest musical tells the story of the beginning of the world and the evolution of life on earth. We witness the weakness & greed of the powerful, the plundering of the planet, the grab for power & money, religions warring over God and the arrogance of the few against the many.

We also see the next generation bringing about change. We see the courage & resilience of inspirational young people challenging the status quo, selfless people fighting injustice, discrimination & corruption and we witness how love can conquer just about anything.           

Most if not all the music is expected to be original scores, a fusion of different influences. Large video screen’s form part of the on-stage visual experience.

In the two years prior to the event, through multiple workshops, online collaborations and interactions between the young participants and the professional production team, some scenes in the What About Us story may be removed or modified and perhaps some scenes added.  The participants will also be invited to compose music, contribute to music selection, the performance creativity covering multiple music genres and dance styles and the on-stage set design.

The participants will come together, for the first time as a team, in the summer of 2021 in Dublin and will have 6 weeks to prepare for the concert, with the support of the professional and support team. The concert will take place in one of the larger Dublin concert venues.

Part of the participants time in Dublin will be spent in workshops, lectures and presentations relating to both improving their artistic talent and understanding how they can all contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world  

The event journey and the concert itself will be filmed.